Homeless: Call 211 | Report Abuse or Neglect (APS): Call (609) 518-4793 | Report Fraud: (609) 518-4995

Homeless: Call 211 | Report Abuse or Neglect (APS): Call (609) 518-4793 | Report Fraud: (609) 518-4995

Burlington County Board of Social Services
Human Services Facility
795 Woodlane Road Mt. Holly, NJ 08060



Temporary Assistance (GA)

Temporary assistance to adults without children is a program that had previously been known as General Assistance or GA.

The old program was applied for in each local Municipality. This changed in 1996 to allow municipalities to transfer their program administration to BCBSS if the local town chose to do so. The program is now known as WFNJ / GA. Currently all municipalities in Burlington County have transferred their programs to the Burlington County Board of Social Services.

The same principles apply to the individual who requests assistance as the family program. However, the support services are more limited since there are no dependent children. Also Health benefits upon obtaining employment is much more defined.

If a person is eligible and is employable, job training and transportation support is available. If an individual is not considered employable, we will work with the person to process a request for Supplemental Social Security which is a federal program for people who are disabled and do not have sufficient quarters of work to obtain regular Social Security. Please check the income and resource guide lines.

If you feel you may be eligible for assistance, contact us during our hours of service from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM on weekdays.

The Pre-Screening Tool on the USDA’s Food Stamp web page will help you see if you are eligible.

You can use the Check List for what information you will need to bring with you along with your Pre-application Form when you come into apply.

Call our service Representative at (609) 518-4839 or (800) 342-0047 ext. 4839. Or email to: Customer.Service@bcbss.org

Visit NJHelps for more information.NJHelps

Where to Apply

Work First New Jersey – GA Chart

Where to Apply for Assistance for Adults Without Dependents

MunicipalityApply at BCBSSPhone #Local Address
Fort DixYes609-261-1000795 Woodlane Rd., Mt. Holly, NJ 08075
Mc Guire AFBYes609-261-1000795 Woodlane Rd., Mt. Holly, NJ 08075
All Municipalities in Burlington CountyYes609-261-1000795 Woodlane Rd., Mt. Holly, NJ 08075