Homeless: Call 211 | Report Abuse or Neglect (APS): Call (609) 518-4793 | Report Fraud: (609) 518-4995

Homeless: Call 211 | Report Abuse or Neglect (APS): Call (609) 518-4793 | Report Fraud: (609) 518-4995

Burlington County Board of Social Services
Human Services Facility
795 Woodlane Road Mt. Holly, NJ 08060



Frequently Asked Questions on Assistance

Who are we?

We are the Board of Social Services, an organization funded by the federal and state governments and the Freeholders of Burlington County to provide services in the community.

What can we do for you?

Many things! Over 60 years ago the Board came into existence to help the poor. Things have changed since that time! We are no longer welfare, but offer services to the community helping adults and families in meeting their needs at particular times.

What can you expect from us?

Courteous service, equal treatment and a knowledgeable staff to assist you. Many services can be handled by the phone or by mail, thus saving you time. We are open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

“I need help with my parent(s). They’re getting older. They need help and I don’t know what to do. They may need a homemaker or nursing home”.

Our experienced social workers will assess your situation and help you contact other governmental and community based programs. Our aim is to keep a person in the community with services coming to the person. In those cases where only a nursing home is the answer, we can also help. We also take calls from individuals who have concerns about our elderly population in the community.

“I need help with Child Support”.

Child Support is the largest program within the Board. We can help by:

  • locating absent parents
  • established paternity
  • obtaining court orders
  • modifying an existing court order

“I need help paying my rent”.

The Board offers temporary assistance to adults and families during this time. The Board will assess your situation and help you get on your feet by either providing a service directly or referring you to an appropriate agency in the community.

“I need health insurance coverage for me and my family”.

The Board will assess you for the many health insurance programs. Health insurance coverage has been expanded to a large segment of the population. Some programs require a small co-pay. We’ll help you save time by assessing you for the various programs.

“I need a job”.

Yes, we can help there also. As a One-Stop Career Center partner we will help you with training and finding a job as well as support services after you begin working.

“I have a job but I had an emergency and can’t make ends meet”.

Through a Federal grant you may be eligible for some temporary help if you previously received temporary assistance. If you do not meet the criteria, we can help by providing you with resources in the community or help you increase your earnings.

“I’m working. Can you help me with Child Care?”

Help with child care expenses is another area that has expanded in the past several years. We may be able to directly help with child care or refer you to another resource.

I don’t want TANF. Can I receive any of your support services anyway?

Yes! A variety of support services are still available to you. You may be eligible for Child Support Assistance, Nutritional, Health and Work related services.

How do I report possible benefit violations and/or program fraud?

Possible benefit violations and/or program fraud can be reported by calling (609) 518-4995 or (800) 342-0047 ext. 4995, or by emailing Report.AllFraud@bcbss.org.
Please state in the email if you are reporting this anonymously. Thank you.

These questions are a small example of the type of services we offer. Although some programs are based on eligibility, many are not. You may be surprised.

You will be assessed to determine your needs and automatically screened for other support services.

We’re just a phone call away. Call a customer service representative (609) 518-4839 or (800) 342-0047 ext. 4839.